Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The First Blog-Day 1

Its 11:40 PM now. Not slept yet, while the city is in a sound slept. The bark of dogs, the buzz of the JHYAUKIRI “ I don’t know it in Nepali”, the large noise of some international airlines flying in the dark sky and a neighboring guy talking to his beloved in the cell is just disturbing my sleep. I had thought of writing my first blog in the morning but I kept on postponing it due to some upgrades going on in the View Your Choice blog.

The hot sun feeling my bed and some noise in the surrounding by some Aalu, Pyaaj wala’s made me wake at 9:30 in the morning. I thought it was just 7 but it had already been 9:30 am. Went to another room took the two national dailies and searched for some good news. No such interesting news today. I had thought on the previous day of updating my blog for the first time today. I went to the computer and turned it on But as soon as I turned on the computer, I started using Facebook. It was piled up with notifications, some inboxes. Had a view on every of it, and replied to the necessary ones. Yesterday, I had designed logos for KHK foods, Malaysia and Techno & Logic Corporation, Germany (have a look at works page if you want), so I opened to see the status of my design. Unfortunately it was rejected. Better Luck next time, Ashim! VYC just clicked in my mind so I went to and thought of changing the template so I started searching for the blog templates. Found a nice one. Simple and clean. Downloaded it and Uploaded it to the blogger. I thought of making it more systemized, so started conditioning it from all the corners. Added some banners for “let’s make audio books for visually impaired persons”, “Save Baaghmati Campaign”, and “Blood Bank” ~~ {these all are the facebook groups which are out of facebook and working for the cause selflessly}. My whole day passed away in making the VYC better and checking FB. I even forgot to eat my snacks. In the evening I talked to my LANGOTEE YAAR “my childhood best friend” Sitoshna. She gave some bluffs, some guffs, and cracked some jokes. All the talk reminded me of my happiest days of my life, “my childhood”, celebrating her birthday at her home, cutting the b’day cake with the same knife on her b’day, some school memories (class nursery-two), visiting Sauraha etc etc. my spines had already started paining due to that hard chair. So I thought of having a sweet nap. But could not sleep. I was feeling quite weak today, I don’t know why. May be coz I forgot to eat the snacks. J watched TV at the evening. And thought of reading a book which I had bought some days before. That was “ 50 ways to make Google love your website” by Steve Johnston and Liam Mcgee. Finished a chapter and switched to some other work. My pending work of school. I had to check some papers of junior class. Was really disappointed by the writings of the students. Felt pity on them and their future. Looking at some answer sheets, reading out some answers by the students me and my brother Prayash laughed together. It was already 10 o’ clock. So all of the members of house went to have a goodnight sleep. I went in to my room with the laptop. I was searching for some good movie to watch but didn’t find one. Turned off the laptop and lied down on the bed. But it was useless, many thoughts, and ideas were clicking, and surrounding my brain. Some for me, some for my future and some for Nepal. And again I realized I had to post my first blog post.

Now here is the first blog for my personal page. I hope I will continue updating it. Coz I thinks its gonna help me remember my past in the future.

Though I cannot post it rite now (the time is 12:14 AM), I will be posting it online in the morning. I don’t think, I will be updating the post tomorrow, since i have promised my hajur muwa (grand maa), that I will be coming to mama ghar tomorrow and there is no internet facility there.

But I will surely post all my do’s on the next day.

Have a nice day!!

Cheers J